A Season Worth Waiting For


I have entered into yet another season of waiting. I must say that I was (and sometimes still am) not so enthusiastic about this present waiting period. I find myself daily choosing to embrace and enjoy this season of waiting, to get the most out of my time here, as difficult as that may be on occasion.

I know that big things are on the horizon; I can feel it in my soul. I know that this season of waiting is so that I can spend as much time as possible in the presence of God, preparing my heart for what is next. I know that my heart needs some time to seek refuge in His arms and that simply spending time with Him will help prepare me for the tasks that are about to come.

I have been clinging to Psalm 37 as of late. So many promises and it continually reminds me of how good He is.

All I can say about this next approaching season is that it will have been a season worth waiting for.


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  1. I need to read Psalm 37; I am waiting for a change in my life. I love you Heather and am very proud of you. I love your whole family and am glad I am apart of it. Love,Kathy Rutherford

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