Hope. Joy. Mercy.


This morning, I rose and found myself enjoying sweet fellowship with the King of Kings before stepping a foot out of my bed. The habit of enjoying Him before my feet even touch the floor has been something I’ve been cultivating and it was so sweet to my heart to realize that I didn’t have to think about doing it this morning – it just happened.

The first week of this new year, I  was very intentional and fervent in prayer. Last year, I sought the Lord and asked Him to give me His theme for me for that year. His theme was healing and restoration – and let me tell ya – we sure did some serious heart work!! This year, as I was seeking His direction, He impressed upon my heart four things:

  1. This was to be a year of His favor. I am to come to Him with an expectant heart for He longs to give good things. Now, I must remember to let HIM define what good things are – they could be trials, they could be tangible blessings, or blessings for my heart and soul. By coming to Him with an expectant (not entitled) heart, I have been able to really focus on Him getting His glory, and there is nothing more that my heart desires, but to enter into sweet surrender.
  2. Hope – something I have always strived to have. He impressed upon my heart that it is something I will posses much of and need to continue to grow in. I desire to radiate hope to those in need. Also, many times in scripture it references that HE is my hope – HIS WORD is my hope – I will be letting my heart find its’ hope in who He is and His life-giving Word.
  3. Joy – I will be filled with His joy – I will be a beacon of light – of joy. I will serve with UNHINDERED joy. I will let HIS joy be my STRENGTH. (this is probably my favorite of the four themes)
  4. Mercy – He will teach me much about having HIS heart – giving and understanding what mercy really is. I’m so excited!

My heart is Yours Jesus – forever and always.


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