Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Art of Waiting


The song that is echoing in my heart at the present moment:

Jesus, We wait for you
We wait for you
To walk into the room 

The simplest of words, yet such profound meaning. The more I sing them, the more I dwell on their meaning, the more I am able to cultivate the art of waiting.

This season of life has been all about waiting upon Him.

As I sing these words, I get a vision of waiting in a doctors office. You’re already in the examing room, and the nurse has taken care of you and as she closes the door behind her, she tells you that the doctor will be with you in a few minutes.

At first you are rather calm because you know that He won’t just suddenly pop in, as she had told you there would be a wait. But as the moments grow longer, so does your nervousness. You begin to get anxious about when that door will open. You hear the footsteps in the hall and listen intently to hear if they are slowing down as they come near your door.

It’s not as if you have anything to be afraid of, but the anticipation does not subside. You are astonishly relieved when the door finally opens.

Why does my waiting upon the Lord rarely reflect this? Why, as the time grows longer as I wait for things He has promised, does my anticipation not grow in hope and excitement?

You could even use this analogy to refer to the end times – the nurse would represnt Jesus’ first coming, and we wait for the second – yet our anticipation is not as great as it ought.

I have much to learn about waiting upon Him – an art that grows more beautiful and radiant with each lesson learned.