The Winter Woods


Running. Running through the woods is my favorite thing, but tonight I did more walking and stopping than running. In part due to icy hills and the desire to not break my leg, but also because I was overwhelmed by the simplistic beauty.

The winter woods, bare, exposed, and still. The silence is comforting, a safe haven for those who are weary. Amidst the stillness I hear a bird, singing sweetly. His song reverberates throughout the empty woods. He is singing to no one in particular, and doesn’t seem to mind that no one is around to hear his song. His song beckons me to come find him. I walk slowly but surely in the direction of his wooing melody. I hear nothing else but him. I get closer, and closer; my heart is filled with longing and anticipation. His song stops, and I stop, desperately wishing for him to continue. His song ceased, and so did my search.



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