Turkeys in the Trees


I apologize for my absence. Saying the last two weeks of my life have been a whirlwind would most certainly be an understatement. I can barely keep my head on straight!

The Lord has been working in so many profound ways in my heart – continually showing His faithfulness to create anew, mold my heart, and reveal Himself to me.

I was walking home from the office this afternoon, and as is typical of any day of the week, had to walk past the flock of 30 turkeys that like to occupy our little ‘wood-triangle’ in the front of our house. I still think turkeys are rather unattractive looking birds. (I’m just grateful they taste better than they look!)

I’ve always known that turkeys could fly, but I guess just by looking at them, they don’t seem to me like a bird that can fly very far, or very gracefully. As I walked past them today, many of them ran into the woods for protection (I guess i’m intimidating?), while a few others flew into the trees. I was actually quite baffled at how high they had flown.

The Lord proceeded to reveal to me, that the same way I look at those turkeys is the same way that I look at myself. I have no problem looking at another person and knowing that the Lord will work in unexplainable ways through them, but I can’t seem to think that or believe it about myself. I’ve SEEN Him work through me, and yet I know that I am so unworthy.

I forget the grace that He lavishes. I forget my PURPOSE – to bring Him the glory due Him. I am stealing His glory if I continually think “I can’t do that” – true, maybe not of my own strength- but I have the power of the Holy Spirit!

I am reminded that although I am a soldier in this battle, the war is already won. I will let Him fight for me, and I will march boldly into battle. I will know that He is both before, beside, and behind me – I cannot fail in His eyes. I will have an expectant heart of the ways He has prepared to reveal His glory through me.

Thank you turkeys in my front yard for being a convicting reminder of who I am in HIM.

(also, thank you for your sacrafice so I can enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner).


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  1. What a profound thought! I’ve hunted turkeys for over a dozen years & find the toms quite ugly, but
    also very beautiful when they are fanned out & parading around for the hens. It’s a reminder that we
    are all beautiful to God in our own ways, in his purposes for us, and sometimes others around us
    don’t appreciate us for what God has made us to be. Thank you Heather for your insight! God bless you!

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