Perseverance. Epimenō.

This word defines the last five days of my life. 

Trails were abundant, hope was often burning dim.

I was arising for my 3am shift of walking my friends sick horse when the Lord revealed to me the truth that I was to learn from these past few days, and one that I was to engrave on my heart.

Perseverance is rooted in love.

We persevere because we love. We persevere in the race for the simple love of running. We persevere in the midst of a trial in a relationship because we love the other. We persevere by taking overnight shifts to walk a sick horse for love of the horse and its owner.

Our perseverance and willingness to persevere displays the depth of our love.

As fallible human beings, we can only love so much. But I have once again been awestruck by my God.

The ultimate perseverance was Jesus taking on the cross. He persevered because of His love for us. That is the ultimate model of perseverance; an unmatchable display of love.


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