Wow. I Have An Amazing Job


Yep. The title says it all.

Over the next few days I get to make phone calls to previous campers who are in the age range for our next retreat. I’ll be contacting roughly 75 families, which is a rather intimidating number. At first I was nervous about this task, as i’ve done “cold calling” before, but my boss reassured me there wasn’t any pressure for “sales” as he knew that was one of my concerns from previous conversations I had had with him.

I then got thinking – how amazing an opportunity the Lord has placed before me. I get to call 75 families. I get to ask them how they are genuinely doing. I get to talk to the camper and ask what they loved about camp. I get to pray for them.

Over the last year the Lord has cultivated a burden for intercession and prayer within me, and now He has placed me in a job where I get to do just that. He knows my heart so well. I am exceedingly humbled to be able to be a part of this ministry!



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  1. As a mother I pray for my children all the time, but always feel that I need to do more. I end up interveining in their lives which only delays their opportunity to find their own state of brokenness. If they can rely on mom they don’t come to the point where they need God. I also recognize that I have a deeply ingrained need to be needed. So there is two fold motivation in me to ” help” my young adult children. I pray that I will love my children responsibly, that I will let them fall and fail, so that they will draw near to our Lord Jesus because only he has what they truely need.

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