Summarizing A Summer


How does one even begin to summarize the last 3 months of my life?

Firstly, being away from technology has been a wonderful blessing. I can honestly say that I didn’t miss it that much, but that might be the old-fashioned letter writer inside of me shining through. I was able to focus solely on my campers this summer and not worry about what was going on in the “Facebook world” or be distracted by the voice mails and text messages on my phone. The one thing I did miss very much was being able to write this blog and the ability to express my thoughts and what God has done. But He has been faithful to show me how to articulate those feelings and thoughts verbally to those around me, for which I am exceedingly grateful.

Now here I sit, taking a break from writing follow-up letters to the campers who accepted Christ this summer, and all I can think about is how exceedingly and underservingly blessed I am. I am so humbled by God’s goodness, faithfulness, and the grace lavishes so generously.

This summer I found myself at the end of me every moment of every day. I had to continually rely on Him 24/7. I could not do it on my own. He was faithful to show up, in His perfect time, exactly when I needed Him the most. He truly showed me His sovereignty this summer, in mighty and miraculous ways.

To sum up the summer in a bible verse: Exodus 14:14. “The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”

I have learned to surrender the fight. The battle belongs to Him, I am merely a soldier. I now fight living in the knowledge that my God has already won, that I cannot fail, and that He will supply me with every tool I need. This battle is not based on performance, and that truth is something that is finally beginning to sink in.

I long to tell tales of all that has happened this summer, but I will keep those memories in my heart. All I care to share, is that when you follow where He leads, He is faithful to show up; exactly when He means to.


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