At Your Feet


I wish I could stay here forever

And not have to face the rain falling outside

But if I want things to change

There’s no way that I can stay dry


The first tear that falls

Is the beginning of sweet release

I’ve broken all the floodgates

I’m outpouring all of me

I’ve been locked inside this prison

I’ve built around myself

I’ll be the last to admit it

But God I need your help

I’m broken, at Your feet

At Your feet, I am yours


There’s a melody deep down in my soul

I didn’t know what is was cause it’d been so long

Breathe your breath of life, whisper words to me

Cause I want to sing along


At Your feet, I gaze at Your beauty

At Your feet, I come alive again

At Your feet, I know only you are worthy

At Your feet, is where I never should have left


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  1. Thank you….this is beautiful and so very true. It has captured my jumbled thoughts precisely. Much love & many hugs to you my friend :)

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