Truth Is


You keep saying something’s wrong

Like I’m hiding something inside,

Like there’s a storm that’s raging strong,

 Behind my hazel eyes,

And I don’t want to let you know your right

Cause you’re everything I’ve dreamed of,

Everything and more,

And to let you know what’s on my mind,

Might be my final words,

Cause baby I’ve got so good at lying,

No one has seen right through me like you did, baby



Truth is, I’d love to love you,

But I’m terrified,

Truth is, I’d love to hold you,

But I’d have to leave you in the night,

Cause this heart is restless from a bruised and broken past,

And to let down my guard would be the hardest thing I ever did,

Right now I don’t think I can

Baby, that’s what the truth is



I know you say you’re different,

I want to trust you so bad it hurts,

I see it in your actions

And I hear it in your words,

I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe

Cause you’ve never put me down,

No you’ve always built me up,

But I’m clinging to old familiar lies

Because they’re all I’ve ever known

And it’s a comfortable place to be,

Even though you’re my everything



Maybe someday, maybe someday,

I can love you with all that I have

But I won’t let you give your all

While I’m holding back



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