I Will Run To You My Refuge


Tonight I had something happen to me that nearly caused me to cry on the spot. I went into panic mode for a brief second, then shock for several minutes, and was eventually able to regain composure and continue on. What happened was so small and insignificant but yet it sent me backwards what seemed like five hundred steps. My heart hurts. I am reliving feelings that I never wanted to revisit.

And yet through these unwanted feelings and unwanted memories, I hear my Savior whisper oh so sweetly in my ear, “My child, all that happens to you will bear fruit if you let me use it. Let me take you through this, trust me in the depth of your being. I am always faithful, always loving. I have never led you astray before. That doesn’t mean I wanted what happened to happen tonight, but I will always come away with the victory. You are treasured, you are loved, you are my daughter. I love you my child, I love you. Let my love be enough to get you through this. Let my love be enough to carry you through these ups and downs that you know are coming. Let me love you.”

I will run to you my refuge, I will dwell on who you are, I will stay here in your presence, when things are right or when they’re wrong, for you are God unchangeable, the solid rock to which I cling, I will run to you my refuge, in your shelter find my peace.

There’s beauty in the free fall to Your arms.


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  1. Thank you….I really needed this right now….love these by the way. Thanks for being vulnerable & sharing – that is a type of bravery I still struggle with. Love and miss you :)

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