Raise Your Voice


Over the past few months I’ve had many comments and/or questions about the tattoo on my wrist that simply states, “Raise Your Voice”. People often say it looks really nice and then ask what it means, or why I got it. Several reasons come to mind.

Firstly, I wanted a reminder for myself that God has blessed me with an able mind and body to do something about the brokenness of the people and world around me. Believers are not called to be a silent people, but it’s so easy, especially for me, to slip into a complacent quietness that seems harmless and normal. A silence that revolves around a self-centered faith. I wanted a daily reminder to live out of the overflow of love, grace, and mercy that is bestowed on me.

Secondly, I have it facing “outwards” to not only remind myself, but others who might have it catch their eye to speak up about whatever it is that breaks their/my heart. I wanted it readable with my arm in its natural position.

Thirdly, I believe that the statement “Raise Your Voice” means more than your audible voice. There are three voices that I am referring to.

Voice 1: The first voice is our audible voice. God has given us the ability to think, comprehend, and speak. We daily, hourly and minutely choose to use our voice to edify or tear down the body. We either use our voice as a self-centered megaphone (yes, this statement includes silence) or a beautiful melody proclaiming the truth about our God. We are able to speak freely about what we believe in. We can talk freely about Jesus, about injustices in the world, and are able to start movements, whether large or small, to make a difference around us. Our audible voice is the most obvious and usually most noticable.

Voice 2: The second voice is the voice of your heart. As believers we have the Holy Spirit to prompt us to do or say things. There are many times when I have felt a tug on my heart to bake cookies for someone, write them a card, pay for the persons coffee behind me, or give someone a phone call. It’s so easy to overlook or forget about the promptings we receive, but I think this “voice” sometimes speaks louder than our audible voices. Some would say that “raising the voice of your heart” is really just listening to your heart. I would agree to a certain extent. To listen is defined as to give attention with the ear; attend closely for the purpose of hearing, to wait attentively for a sound. To raise is defined as to set into motion; activate; to put forward. To simply listen to your heart does not imply that action will follow. To raise the voice of your heart is to not simply listen to the prompting, but to put it into action and show the love of Christ. Although listening is a crucial part to raising the voice of your heart, it’s not the only part.

Voice 3: The voice or prayer. This is my favorite voice to remind myself of out of the three. I have a God who hears me. How amazing is that? I can talk to Him anytime, anywhere, and about anything. It could be the biggest decision I have to make in my life or something as simple as finding a parking spot; and He cares about both equally as much. If it’s important to me, it’s important to Him, and there’s so many things that are important to Him that need to become important to me. I want to daily pray for a heart that breaks for what breaks His. I want to intercede as often as I feel led for people in my life, places or situations. I want to be a woman of prayer. I want to remember to raise my voice in prayer to the living God- the God who hears, listens, and responds.

Will you Raise Your Voice?


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