Letting Go of the Maple Tree


Memorial Day 2008.

It was slightly balmy as the sun was cresting the horizon to bring forth the day I had been dreading all the week prior. I had spent all last night loading up the trailer with my best friends life. Trailer lights were checked, my truck was checked over and ready to go, we just needed to start the ignition and the changing of our lives would begin.

It was an emotionally trying week for me. I was about to lose the one person I had confided in for the past year; the one person I felt safe with. I was excited for the new ventures on her horizon, but terrified of what lay ahead for me and my heart. To add my emotional stress, shortly after we began the four-hour drive to La Crosse, I got myself a $200.00 citation. Apparently passing in a no passing zone with a 16ft trailer is highly frowned upon. Oops?

Aside from my incident with law enforcement, the trip went smoothly. We got the trailer unloaded and everything into the house. This whole time, I could feel God stirring in my spirit, trying to teach me a lesson. I had become emotionally numb by this point, and decided I needed to go for a walk to clear my head, my heart, and to simply listen to the voice of my God.

There was a park just around the corner, so I started on my way. I normally would have walked down the trail by the river, but I felt God leading me to a picnic table in the middle of the park. The air was still, and it was uncomfortably warm. I sat down, tears started falling, and I was finally honest with my emotions. I felt completely lost. Where was the next step?

There was a sudden breeze, and all of a sudden there was ‘helicopters’ falling down around me. It was literally down-pouring maple tree seeds. I heard His sweet, sweet voice calling, “Heather, you need to let go so I can plant you firmly in new soil, so your roots will be firm in My truth, so I can continue to create in you.”

Over the past three years, I’ve had several maple trees that I’ve clung to, and I’m currently clinging to one again. I never liked seeing a new maple tree in my life; I never initially liked the thought of falling away from what I deem as comfortable; but after I deal with the initial reaction, I find undeniable beauty in the free fall.


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