Eat Your Crust


This post has no point. I’m fore-warning you.

I was lying here in bed, having just completed my last paper that was due at midnight tonight, and joyfully let my mind wander. Sometimes that’s a dangerous thing.

I started thinking about all the weird things my parents used to tell me to get me to do things. Such as one time my mom asked me to help her do the dishes, I of course was grumpy and didn’t want to. She said, “I’ll wash, you dry, but lets race.” Of course I was all in then, who could resist a race?! Blind, blind child….it what world does the dish dryer get done before the washer? It never happens.

Or what about all their helpful advice that always came a moment to late: “Mom, I hurt my elbow from jumping off the couch” Her response: “Don’t do that, it hurts”

But this one is my all time favorite. I didn’t like eating my crust, I also couldn’t whistle. My dad, and sometimes mom, would tell me “Eat your crust and you’ll be able to whistle”. I fell for it every time, with a hint of hope that maybe, just maybe this would be the last crust I needed to whistle.

Times may have changed, but I still don’t always like the crust, and I still can’t whistle.

What’s your favorite saying/advice that your parents told you?


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  1. Heather, This is hilarious! My mom and I can’t stop laughing! I love the dishes one!

    Also, I can totally relate to the “Don’t do that, it hurts.” All the time…

    • Glad it brought your mother and you some laughter!

      I think parents everywhere use the “Don’t do that, it hurts” phrase….but I think they all need to work on the timing of it :) Think of how many trips to the ER they could prevent!!!

  2. Found you while going through the topic that Scott put up today and laughed out loud! I’m sleepy and I’m dropping off infront of the telly so when I first got you on the screen, I wasn’t paying attention. Infact, I was just about to switch you off but you got to it so quickly and each scenario is told with such concise snap, I was awake and giggling in no time! Great post!

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