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Eat Your Crust


This post has no point. I’m fore-warning you.

I was lying here in bed, having just completed my last paper that was due at midnight tonight, and joyfully let my mind wander. Sometimes that’s a dangerous thing.

I started thinking about all the weird things my parents used to tell me to get me to do things. Such as one time my mom asked me to help her do the dishes, I of course was grumpy and didn’t want to. She said, “I’ll wash, you dry, but lets race.” Of course I was all in then, who could resist a race?! Blind, blind child….it what world does the dish dryer get done before the washer? It never happens.

Or what about all their helpful advice that always came a moment to late: “Mom, I hurt my elbow from jumping off the couch” Her response: “Don’t do that, it hurts”

But this one is my all time favorite. I didn’t like eating my crust, I also couldn’t whistle. My dad, and sometimes mom, would tell me “Eat your crust and you’ll be able to whistle”. I fell for it every time, with a hint of hope that maybe, just maybe this would be the last crust I needed to whistle.

Times may have changed, but I still don’t always like the crust, and I still can’t whistle.

What’s your favorite saying/advice that your parents told you?




It’s 10:24 PM.

I have a serious case of the munchies.

I’ve spent the day in bed, obnoxiously exhausted. For what reason- I don’t know. I ached all over, couldn’t stand up for more than 15 minutes, and the thought of even attempting to brush my teeth had me deplete of energy.

Have you ever had it happen, where your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze, and then fall back asleep and dream that your up? In your dream you’re out of bed, dressed, making yourself look presentable, eating some breakfast, and then leaving for work/school- and then you hear this annoying noise, slowly figuring out it’s your alarm clock and you can’t help but wonder why your alarm clock is going off now! Only to be thoroughly disappointed to find out that the morning you had- where your outfit was perfect, your hair actually looked great, and you had time for an awesome breakfast- was non-existent. There is nothing worse than having to do your morning twice.

That’s the feeling I’ve had all day. That i’ve accomplished so much, only to find myself waking up in my bed with a pounding headache. I swear sometimes my subconcious gets too much enjoyment out of this torture. It got so bad that I refused to fall asleep, but when not feeling well, I eventually had to sucumb to it.

But now I sit here, wide awake, feeling much better, and I’m famished.

I think popcorn sounds delightful. No butter though. I don’t like popcorn with butter.

And some Rick Steeve’s Europe re-runs.


Froot Loops


Froot Loops.

The late night snack of champions.

The only complaint I have is I wish that they tasted like their color. You know, yellow tasting like lemon, orange tasting like an orange, so on and so forth. It’d be much more exciting, but I guess most people aren’t searching for excitement from their breakfast cereal…

And to be honest, half of my brain is wanting to go into a deep, insightful, challenging, and lovely analogy comparing Froot Loops to life. I could compare it to how as believers do we see ourselves standing out from the crowd? Do we say that our color is different but leave the same taste as everyone else? I could talk about how even though as believers we share Christ as the common denominator (flavor) we are all unique to the body (colors), or  I could tell you that when you feed them to your 9 month old brother you get to change lime green poopy diapers.

I’d rather not though. What could I tell you about?

I could tell you about the first time I drove in 5 months was on snowy roads in the dark looking for a half blind, dark brown horse that got loose. I could tell you how I’m taking a Global Culture class online and thoroughly enjoying it. I could tell you about how much I’ve loved eating real food again, or all the amazing things I’ve cooked since being home.

I could tell you how my trip home took 48hrs on a train instead of 35, and how I stayed the night in Colombus, WI and didn’t go home till the next day. (But I will tell you that it was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken, and that the B&B I stayed at was phenomenal) I could tell you about how I’ve had a hard time transitioning back into ‘midwest’ preaching. I could talk about all the amazing things God has been teaching me.

I could tell you about my new tattoo, even though it is several months old. I could tell you that my coffee consumption has gone down, even though I now live only 4hrs away from the birthplace of Starbucks. I could inform you that I’ve gained a new appreciation for Wisconsin’s snow removal abilities. (Trust me, just live someplace where they don’t believe in snowplows and salt, and then have it snow 12 inches).

Nah. I’d rather just sit here contemplating Froot Loops.