A State of Missing


Tonight, I’m missing Africa.

Nairobi and Malindi, Kenya to be percise.
I miss the African sunrise.
I miss the people I experienced this journey with.
I miss the simplistic yet challenging way of life.
I miss the constant reminder of how good I have it.

I miss not having technology.
I miss the escape.
I miss the exotic wildlife. (exotic to us mzungus)
I miss the gorgeous landscapes.
I miss finding lizzards in my room.
I miss eating fresh mangos, bananas, and pineapple.
I miss the smiles and laughter of the children.
I miss reading English and hearing Swahili.
I miss seeing the tuk-tuks speed past.
I miss the intoxicating and warm Indian Ocean.
I miss long trek from Nairobi to Malindi.
I miss the inside jokes that were created.
Tonight, I am simply in a state of missing

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