My Cup Overfloweth



Last night was by far one of the best nights that I’ve had this semester, but it was also one of great simplicity. Myself, my roommate Katie, and my housemates Lindsay and Brittany simply sat in my room, ate burnt cookies, drank diet vanilla coke, and stayed up until 2am writing our personal doctrinal statements that were due the next morning.

There was something so blissful, so comforting in that quiet (but sometimes laughter filled) fellowship. I’m not one to procrastinate, but this time I’m glad I did.

Rewind to Saturday night. Myself, Katie, and our good friend Kelsey are all cuddled up on my twin bed watching Madea Goes to Jail. Snowfall still falling outside, but we were extra cozy with all the blankets we had. Once again, quiet, simple, fellowship. Halfway through the movie Taylor, another housemate, joined us. Not once did I think that you could comfortably fit four people laying down on a twin size bed. The things you learn in college.

Rewind a little further- Thanksgiving Day. I was missing home like crazy. My foster siblings are growing up without me; I’m missing D’s first Thanksgiving, and I’m simple missing Z. I called my Aunt’s house just to chat with everyone for a bit, but my heart still longed to be home. My cousin got engaged not too long ago, and really wanted to be seated around the table with those I love. Trying not to cry, I went about my day. Went to Yokes in the morning to get some groceries with Katie and Brittany, then we made our way over to the boys house to have some biscuits-&-gravy and watch the football game-which pregame and the first 10 minutes were commentated in Spanish. Then we went home to get the house ready for Thanksgiving dinner. We set the table and were expecting 20 people. I was so conflicted inside, wanting to enjoy this, but wishing I was home. As people flooded in and the festivities began, the longing to be with my family slowly faded. We did a potluck style dinner, and oh my the food was sensational! I didn’t realize how much I missed variety in one meal! (Don’t get me wrong, I love to and do cook real food, it’s just been forever since I’ve actually had variety all at one meal… chili has been the story of my life for the past month, it’s a good thing I love it!) At the dinner table, I simple sat back and looked around me, and did my best to hide the tears that were trying to flow. The beauty of the fellowship, the people, the laughter and smiles around me was almost too much. I realized how much God has blessed me with the friends and housemates I have. This is my family, this is my home, if I simply open my heart to accept this beautiful but frightening change.

I’ve learned so much about fellowship, friendship, and my need as a daughter of God and a human being for it. God has truly blessed me with amazing people in my life, and I fully intend to enjoy the gift of their presence in my life, and pray I can be a blessing to them as well.

Needless to say, my cup overfloweth.


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