Love With No Conditions


I am a God who heals….

 I serve a God of love unconditional. Who’s love will bring healing to my heart, soul, and mind-even without me asking. The closer I walk with Him, the more in tune I am to Him prompting me to ask for healing in a certain aspect of my life; and/or He’ll simply open my eyes to the next area to work on.

 My view of love needs healing-plain and simple. It does. My view has come a long way from what it was, but I can feel His gentle touch leading me closer to a better understanding and comprehension of what love really is.

 My friend Sarah has a tattoo that says “Love With No Condition”. I am a conditional person, it’s my nature. Again, I serve a God with an unconditional love. If it’s my goal to be Christ-like, should I not also strive to love unconditionally?

 Can the overflow of love that should pour out from receiving the love of Jesus have different layers? For example- The love I have towards my mother would be different than the love I have for the homeless person in the street. I don’t think so. The key word here is not ‘the love I have but rather it’s ‘the love I show.

 The way I express and show the love of Jesus will look different from person to person. I have a different relationship with my mother than I do the homeless man on the street, but my love should not be less. The way I express my love, however, will be different.

 God has not revealed yet how the difference will/should look, but I will seek His word, pray and continue to live a life of love until and after He does. Figuring out the balance between boundaries and unconditional love is not an easy thing.

  I’m left with the question- Can a conditional being even begin to love unconditionally?


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