A Beautiful Design


The awareness of your inadequacy is not something you should try to evade…

 Inadequacy and trust go hand in hand. The more we acknowledge our neediness and let go of our pride, the more we are able to see our need for God, and therefore have the ability to trust Him all the more.

Betrayal, abuse, loss, addictions and a plethora of other things all cause us to direct our dependency elsewhere; whether it’s inwardly to ourselves, or outwardly to a substance or person. Our security and possibly a state of normalcy begins to be placed and/or based on these things our hearts have been through.

I don’t believe it’s a natural thing for anyone to be able to openly admit or acknowledge their neediness and inadequacy but so much healing and restoration can begin with confessing our need for God, and each other.

 God delights in our acknowledgement of our need for Him. He didn’t create us to be self-sufficient. He created us with a need for Him, He created us for a relationship.

 What is it that you find yourself putting your dependency in? Where is your security placed? Has your heart been broken one to many times, that trust is no longer an option? Have you deprived yourself of love? What is the hardest thing about admitting you need someone? Why do we try and evade our inadequacy? Have you taken advantage of someone else’s inadequacy? Have other’s taken advantage of your vulnerability? Why do we constantly feel the need to be strong?

 The brokenness that so many of us have endured has caused our hearts to become callused to the idea of restoration and ever trusting again, therefore creating a false sense of security in our ability to take care of ourselves.

 The flaw that we view as inadequacy is really a beautiful design to bring us closer to God….and each other. Let yourself be loved.


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