I Am, I Do


I Am:

  • blessed, so I can give
  • forgiven, who am I to not forgive others
  • purchased with a price, how can I be silent
  • adopted, there are so many more ‘orphans’
  • loved, so I can give love
  • cherished, I want to remind others how special they are
  • talented, so I can bless others and glorify God
  • reconciled, I desire to do the same in my everyday relationships
  • restored, I want to help others find healing
  • chosen, I have purpose, I desire for others to understand and passionately pursue theirs
  • pursued, How can I not tell them they are being pursued by the God of the universe!!!
  • fought over, I have a God who is fighting for me, I shall share the news
  • created, I was not made on an assembly line, some believe they are
  • sinful, as we all are
  • lavished with grace, mercy, and compassion, I want to love others through this overflow that has been bestowed on me
  • not perfect, that’s not what it’s about, I’ll say something different in a wold based on performance and perfection
  • broken, but I know where to find shelter, let me show them
  • joyful, so many mistake joy for happiness
  • spirit filled, I can do these things only because of God


Who are you? But more importantly: What will you do with who you are?


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