♫ My world just came crashing down, Lord I need you now, Lord I need you now ♫

Burdened. Faint of heart. Broken. Stunned. Frozen. Shattered. Betrayed.

I am a mess right now. I watched my heart fall to the ground, and it’s still breaking. I now know the true weight of sharing someone’s burdens, while still carrying my own.

My world fell apart today. Two of my friend’s worlds fell apart as well. The rain was pouring down, the sky is still grim. I have no desire to be joyous, or to dwell on hope. I am where I am. I just need to feel what I feel. I know enough to not stay here too long, but to not stay here at all will surely make the condition of my heart worse, and potentially plant the seed of bitterness.

I come to you Jesus, with my feelings, they are what they are. I’m not going to pretend that they are something else. You’ve felt them, you’ve lived them, why should I pretend? Here’s where I am. Help me to deal with this in a way that pleases You, but also heals my heart. I’m tired and broken, betrayed and devastated. Hold me.

♫Glory in the highest, I’ll forever sing your praise, even when you lead me through the deepest darkest place, for who am I to question what You have in store for me, my worry and doubt, I lay them at Your feet♫



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