To Love Well


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul, mind and strength…”

Your love is consistent. Unwavering. Unchangeable. You are love.

My love is circumstantial. Limited. Fallible. I am sinful.

You ask for my love, my undivided attention. I offer You half my heart, thinking something is better than nothing. You ask why I hold back. I answer: Because I don’t trust you. You tug at my heart softly, woo-ing me to You. I resist, but slowly move forward. Why must we have this battle You ask me. I wonder the same thing.

You are pursuing me, aching to embrace me in Your compassionate arms. You desire to bless. You are the One who lavishes love, grace and mercy. You delight, oh how you delight! When my wandering heart acknowledges you, even if only for a brief moment. You whisper my name, so soft, so sweet. You remind me of your faithfulness.

Speak Lord. You have my attention.

My Child, why do you run after others? Do you not remember that I am the one that satisfies? Did you forget that I, only I, have loved you with an unfailing and everlasting love? Do you not remember that I am only good. That I desire to prosper you!? My Child, My Child, come back into my presence. Let me restore your heart that has been wounded once again. Let me love you.

But Lord, I am so unworthy. I don’t deserve your love. And really, can a perfect love exist? I know you are faithful and unchanging, but my heart is still wary. Lord, I am human, I cannot conceive this idea of pure and true love. It’s beyond my grasp. Help my unbelief.

My Child, Do not wait until your heart is certain before stepping into my love. My perfect love will cast out fear. I want you where you are, not when you feel you are ready. If you waited until you felt ready to receive my love, would you ever be? You desire faith, then stay close My Child, stay close. Read my love letter to you, hunger after my words. Talk to me like i’m your best friend, tell me your fears, your dreams, your goals. Draw near to me, and I will pull you close.

Lord, you abound in patience. Your well of life never runs dry. I deeply desire to drink from it again. You are love. You are good. Your light will cast out my fear. I am sinful Lord, even though I desire to do these things, I cannot carry them out on my own. Help me to love you. Teach me to love you well.


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