Kenyan Reflections (Part 2) – Anticipation As It Should Be


Anticipate: to foretaste or foresee; to expect, look forward to, to be sure of

The people we met in Kenya had been awaiting our arrival for two years. You can imagine the excitement of the parents, workers, and children when they first caught the glimpse of that bus rolling down the driveway. The yelling, screaming, jumping, shouting, clapping, singing, dancing, and beaming smiles were overwhelming. How could they be that excited to see us? It was so humbling, but yet I got a profound lesson from it, having really nothing to do with greeting people.

These people were anticipating our arrival…they were looking forward us coming, they had knowledge that we were arriving, they knew the date and the time. They had two years to build up that joy, that expectant heart, that excitement just waiting to be unleashed. They had two years to practice songs, practice plays and memory verses to perform for us. They didn’t settle into an idle stage, they kept their anticipation fresh on a day to day basis, refusing to be disheartened, because someday “the mzungu’s were coming”.

And through this, all I can think about is the coming of Jesus. We have the opportunity to build up joy and hope. To practice songs and dances. To not grown disheartened because someday “Jesus is coming”.

We have been given a foretaste of what is to come! Streets of gold, a place of no more sorrows, pain or tears, a place of joyus singing, a place that has been designed and is being designed for each one of us! A place where we no longer need the sun, where we no longer need the moon. To be able to be in perfect unity. The list goes on and on and on!

How could we not be highly anticipating His return!?!? We know not the time or the hour, which should make us even more excited! We get to wake up each day and think “today could be the day”!

But yet the world has such a strong pull on us. We have it so good here in America, that I think we forget that this is only temporary. I’m just as guilty as anyone else, I let my things be a distraction from what I should really be looking foward too.

The Kenyan people have reminded me where the real party is going to be, and I am reminded to live a life of anticipation as it should be.


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